I created an easy dashboard experience to help retailers sort orders.


About the project

The project with Meu Mercado em Casa was an information architecture project and to systematize the entire supermarket picking process with an intuitive and simple to use system for the entire operation involved.

the challenge

I talked to 3 shopkeepers responsible for several supermarkets to understand what their challenges were with the current platform and they needed three requirements: a transparent platform with the orders, easy to operate by anyone and with all the necessary information to be error free, from order conception to delivery.

My role was to create this architecture together with the developers and create a system that talked directly with the existing ERP's, but with an interface created by the Unilever team. We made the prototype, validated it with the internal team and also created a focus group to always validate the tests.


There were 36 global people involved in the team. With an improvement in the usability of the platform, bringing all the necessary information for supermarkets to deliver without errors in the operation.Final project is under implementation and should suffer changes until the final implementation.

past experience from meu mercado em casa
final prototype
next project