I designed the brand for one of the largest luxury cabinet makers in São Paulo.

branco madeira

About the project

Brand positioning project for Branco Madeira. The company operated without an identity for almost 5 years and the internal projects were sold via word of mouth. They needed to expand the operation, with a strong identity, a communication system and a

the challenge

Creating a brand is always a challenge, and the idea was to convey a concept of symmetry, with reference to Nordic architecture and also showing the simplicity of the forms of each piece of furniture created. This concept was created along with the whole project of implementing a physical store in São Paulo as an experience showroom for Branco Madeira.


An increase in the demand of people seeking the service, more conceptual brands seeking partnerships with Branco Madeira, and a brand positioning oriented to the manifesto, created by the brand's collaborators and owners, which generated an increase in the number of collaborators and a demand for carpenters interested in working in partnership with the company.

after some other exercises
8 scale grid
some applications
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